Polish authors

Klibengajtis, Tomasz

Tomasz Klibengajtis, born in 1967 in Warsaw. After living for nine years in West Germany, he studied theology at Lublin Catholic University and Classical studies at Warsaw University where he obtained his PhD in 2002. He was involved in various projects of the independent cinema, as well as promoting Ancient Music. An author of academic dissertations on theology, linguistics and philosophy, some of which were published both in Poland and abroad.

Intrator, Bożena

Author (writing in German, Polish, English) of: poems, short stories, novels, theater plays, translations of theater-plays, song lyrics, screenplays, translations and adaptations of screenplays, photographs and paintings.

Ślepowrońska, Dagna

Dagna Ślepowrońska, born in 1959, a psychologist, poet and playwright, a graduate of psychology department and a social therapy school. Since 1988 she has been working as a therapist with individuals, groups and families. Her play Luncheon Meat (published in the “Dialog” magazine) was premiered in Teatro Caprile in Vienna and was also published in German in Anthologie Polnisher Dramen den Gegewart in 2000.

Orłowski, Szczepan

Born July 14th, 1989 in Białystok, playwright. Graduated from the faculty of Journalism and Social Communication at the University of Warsaw. Debuted at age 16 with a short story entitled Retaliation, published in the Death For a Good Beginning anthology.

Mardosewicz, Marek

Born in 1990, Szczecin. A Drama writer and a visual artist. Graduated from the Academy of Arts in Szczecin, the Economical University in Cracow and the Jagiellonian University. He also studied in France. His works have been shown in Europe and Asia.

Dowlasz, Inka

Inka Dowlasz, an author of theatre and tv scripts, she collaborates with Teatr Ludowy in Nowa Huta where she also directs plays as part of the Therapy Through Art Programme and the Improvisation Studio which organizes workshops that combine drama and psychology, as well as meetings, lectures and readings. She conducts “Role Construction” seminar at the theatre’s actors’ studio and at Jerzy Giedroyc Communication and Media School in Warsaw.

Milewska, Monika

Monika Milewska, born in 1972 in Gdansk. A Doctor of History, playwright, writer, translator. A lecturer at the Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Philosophy and Sociology. She made her debut as a playwright with Savonarola, published in “Dialog” in 1992 and then staged by the Polish Radio Theatre. A winner of over twenty poetry and drama competitions. Her book called Vinegar and Tears.

Jakubowski, Jarosław

Jarosław Jakubowski, born in 1974 in Bydgoszcz. Poet, writer, dramatist and journalist. His work is inspired by Thomas Bernhard. In 2010 his play Life won the first prize in the contest “Comedy writing” atThe Powszechny Theatre in Łódź and his drama The General (publishedin The Dialog magazine nr 12/2010), got into the final of the drama contest “Metaphors of reality” in Poznań.